Specialist markets

VXL Software has accrued specific expertise across a range of specialist markets worldwide. While we supply to almost every sector, these are some where we add additional expertise.


VXL Software provides powerful homeworking solutions for both Windows-based and Linux-based organisations – which deliver secure access to remote applications and data.

The rise in homeworking delivers many advantages – but also has many challenges, not least of which are security and device management. VXL Software provides easy to install solutions to unlock the power of homeworking – in many cases without having to buy new devices. Fusion Secure Desktop provides secure remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows home computer, desktop or laptop. CloudDesktop provides secure access to corporate Linux thin-client virtualised environments, from any home computer, desktop or laptop – regardless of OS.  



VXL Software is a proven specialist supplier of digital signage to the Healthcare sector and its Illumineye Digital Signage is ideal for keeping patients and visitors both informed and educated.

VXL’s digital signage software is designed to withstand the unique demands of healthcare environments including doctor surgeries and hospitals. Our Illumineye DS is perfect for keeping patients informed and educated as well as enhancing the visitor experience. Extremely user-friendly and highly creative, Illumineye DS allows you to display the latest health campaigns, up-to-the minute news such as appointment times / delays, patient and vistor messaging, social media feeds and general wayfinding for both patients and visitors. Video


Retail & Leisure

Signage is key to helping people stay informed and engaged with your brand. Illumineye Digital signage is a complete solution, software and media player, that's both easy-to-use and highly creative.

Signage plays an important role in many sectors, but its importance in the retail sector cannot be understated. Illumineye DS has been designed from the ground up to deliver creative power and signage management at a very affordable price. With Illumineye digital signage you can quickly and easily display the latest advertising campaigns, new product launches, tactical promotional offers, social media feeds, wayfinding as well as embrace a greener communication policy. Illumineye digital signage is also equally at home in healthcare, leisure, quick service restaurants and education sectors to name a few. Video


Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

VXL is a key supplier to SMBs – not only for thin-client hardware, but also for software that’s specifically created with SMBs in mind.

One of VXL’s key software products for SMBs is Fusion UEM (Unified Endpoint Management). Fusion UEM isn’t exclusively for SMBs, but it is designed to provide the kind of device management power that was previously only enjoyed by much larger companies – and at a price that SMBs will really appreciate. Video Of course, we’ve also helped many thousands of SMBs enjoy the advantages of thin-client computing and digital signage too. In particular, our Illumineye digital signage software features a 'Connect-and-Go' SMB solution that includes a server, with pre-installed software and pre-registerd media players, five media players, an eight port gigabit switch and two Illumineye Creator licenses. 

Small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)