Secure homeworking solutions

Secure homeworking solutions

VXL Software’s work from home solutions can quickly and easily convert any PC or laptop, including home and work devices, into a Windows or Linux virtualised environment.

Home help: a special 6-month licence offer, to keep you productive and to stay in touch

The shift to working from home can be a headache for organisations, but VXL Software can help, by easily converting home or work desktop PCs and laptops into secure virtualised clients. Recognising the need to adapt, we’ve created a special 6-month licence for just $15 USD per device to help through the current crisis. There are no feature limitations – it’s the full product – the cost includes support and to qualify you must sign-up before 30th September 2020. Should you decide to make working from home permanent after the six months, you can easily convert to a perpetual licence, there's no cost penalty – you just pay the difference. Please contact us for more details.

Secure homeworking solutions


Windows: Fusion SecureDesktop

Fusion SecureDesktop provides secure remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows home or work desktop PC or laptop. Fusion SecureDesktop is built on – and includes – VXL Software’s proven unified endpoint management solution, Fusion UEM.

Linux: CloudDesktop On the Go

CloudDesktop On the Go provides secure access to corporate Linux thin-client virtualised environments, from any home or work desktop PC or laptop – regardless of OS. It’s built on VXL Software’s proven CloudDesktop PC repurposing software, which transforms PCs into fully managed thin clients.

Special low-price 6-month licence

Organisations can take advantage of our special 6-month licence, to help get them through the current crisis. It’s just $15 USD per device and you must sign up before 30th September 2020. Should an organisation wish to convert these into perpetual licences, there is no cost penalty – they just pay the difference.

Perpetual licence – lifetime ownership

Our software comes with a perpetual license, for lifetime ownership, rather than a ‘yet another’ monthly subscription. A perpetual license eliminates recurring costs – other than any optional annual support agreements.

Easy and quick to deploy

Fusion SecureDesktop and CloudDesktop On the Go are easy to deploy – Fusion SecureDesktop boots from an application, and CloudDesktop On the Go boots from a USB key. Both products provide secure access to your corporate virtualised environment.

Secure access to corporate systems and data

Once up and running, Fusion SecureDesktop and CloudDesktop On the Go provide secure access to corporate systems, applications and data – just as if the homeworker was in the office.

No disruption to the host environment

There’s absolutely no disruption or change to the home or work PC when our homeworking solutions are launched – the user accesses corporate data and applications securely, with the host device inaccessible until closing the virtual session. Nothing is touched on the host PC.

Compatible with all leading virtualisation protocols

Our homeworking solutions are, of course, compatible with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft remote desktop, Citrix and VMware. We fit right into your current infrastructure.

Full reporting and device management

Underpinned by proven device management technology, our homeworking solutions deliver massive flexibility, without loss of control.

Support when you most need it

Our special 6-month licence includes support; additional support is optional for those organisations which want greater peace of mind.