Fusion UEM - Android Management

Fusion UEM and Android™

Fusion UEM is an enterprise-grade, unified endpoint management solution for Android™, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Fusion UEM securely manages all Android mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and barcode scanners, for complete peace of mind.

Proven Android device management

Three-quarters of the world’s mobile devices currently use Android to stay connected and keep productive. If your device runs on Android, it can be securely managed with Fusion UEM - any manufacturer, any form factor. VXL Software is an Android Enterprise Silver partner, with Fusion UEM having earned the Android Enterprise Silver badge by meeting its stringent business, product and performance requirements.


Android v4.4 and above

Google Certified

Google Play protect

Android Enterprise Recommended

Android Open Source

Android Rooted

Android and the enterprise

Employed by leading enterprises across all industry sectors, devices running Android operating system are secure and ready to work, right out of the box. Regardless of OEM, model or form factor, Android devices – and the business-critical apps installed on them – are key in keeping remote workers productive.

With hundreds of device manufacturers, and even more essential apps to choose from, Android-powered devices deliver the mobile technology enterprises need to empower their employees.

Fusion UEM – delivering Android support for remote workforces

Remote worker numbers have been rising ever since the growth in hybrid working. For enterprises, this has meant more device policies and deployment scenarios to manage, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Corporately Owned, Business Only (COBO) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD).

Fusion UEM delivers the robust mobile endpoint management that’s critical to organisations to manage security, provide remote support and privacy protection, access and deploy apps, and monitor mobile devices.

Fusion UEM - A one-stop, endpoint management, solution for everything Android

Fusion UEM is designed from the ground up around the Android enterprise architecture - enabling organisations to deploy, manage and control Android devices with both ease and simplicity, embracing and supporting Android’s standards and industry best practice. 

Providing application and content management from a single, user-friendly, dashboard, Fusion UEM enables Android devices – and the people using them – to do more while maintaining security and data integrity.

Android enterprise integration

Fusion UEM supports Google domain accounts and managed Play accounts; user and device provisioning; policy controls (configuration security, compliance and restrictions); work profile management; Google Play, Play store management; application permissions and restrictions; application management and distribution – and private app management.

Why manage your Android devices with Fusion UEM?

Android mobile management is Fusion UEM’s core strength. Unlike other vendors, Fusion UEM manages Google authorized, rooted and open-source flavours of Android. Fusion UEM also allows you to monitor and manage Android devices in a granular manner, including monitoring device performance, online status, content and more.


Fusion UEM can disable of built-in peripherals such as cameras, initiate remote-wiping of company-owned apps and information, phone number blocking, and locking of devices when required.

Application & Google Play management

Manage critical company apps and undertake remote deployment, provisioning and installation, updates and secure removal. Control which ones can be installed by curating your own Google Play Store for Work with approved apps.

Zero Touch Deployment

Pre-configure Android-powered devices for Fusion UEM enrolment and management before they’re unboxed by the end user.

Content & Email Management

Fusion UEM ensures that users can easily access internal document stores, including content- management systems like SharePoint. Fusion UEM can also monitor and restrict access to specific URLs, to maintain organisations’ security policies

Monitoring and Analytics

Fusion UEM includes a wealth of monitoring and analytical tools for Android. Application usage can be monitored, as well as cellular, data and wi-fi usage.

Flexible Deployment

Android offers three deployment types: work profile management, dedicated device management and full device management. Fusion UEM is validated to handle whichever deployment solution works best for you.

Remote Control Support

Fusion UEM supports full remote-control access of Android mobile devices. Connect to any Android device in seconds, enjoy fast connections in real-time and ensure issues are dealt with efficiently so employees stay productive.

Geo-fencing and Asset tracking

Employees are mobile, and so are their mobile devices. Visibility into where these assets are, and what they are doing, can improve your operations. Geo-fencing limits the use of a device to a specific geographic area. Geo-location tracking provides live location status of mobile device including street map view and tracking history by day, week or month.

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