Fusion SecureDesktop

Fusion SecureDesktop – secure Windows homeworking

Fusion SecureDesktop provides secure remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows home or work desktop PC or laptop.

Fusion SecureDesktop – adapt quickly, with our special 6-month licence

Recognising that companies need to adapt to working from home, we’ve created a special 6-month licence for just $15 USD per device – to help them through the current crisis. There are no feature limitations – it’s the full product – and the cost includes support. Please contact us for more details. To receive the special 6-month pricing, you must sign up before 30th September 2020.

Fusion SecureDesktop


Secure homeworking – for home or work PC

Fusion SecureDesktop provides secure remote access to corporate virtualised Windows environments, from any Windows home or work desktop PC or laptop. Users simply launch the Fusion SecureDesktop application to access their corporate environment including apps and data.

No disruption to the host operating system or applications

When Fusion SecureDesktop launches, the user is unable to access files and applications on the home or work PC. There is no possibility of anything moving from one environment to the other – and the host PC’s applications, settings and operating system are completely unaffected.

Easy and quick to deploy

Users simply need to install the Fusion SecureDesktop application, as they would any other. Once installed, it can be launched like any application – providing secure access to your corporate virtualised environment.

Built on Fusion UEM

Fusion SecureDesktop is built on – and includes – VXL Software’s proven unified endpoint management solution, Fusion UEM. Fusion UEM provides industry-leading functionality and value – and is used by organisations worldwide.

Special low-price 6-month licence

Organisations can take advantage of our special 6-month licence, to help get them through the current crisis. It’s just $15 USD per device and you must sign up before 30th September 2020. Should an organisation wish to covert these into full licences, there is no cost penalty – they just pay the difference.

Perpetual licence – lifetime ownership

Fusion SecureDesktop comes with a perpetual licence, for lifetime ownership, rather than a ‘yet another’ monthly subscription. A perpetual licence eliminates recurring costs – other than any optional annual support agreements.

Application management

Administrators can install those corporate applications the user may require and configure Fusion SecureDesktop to enable their use.

Browser-based administration

Administrators can use any modern JavaScript-enabled browser to securely access the Fusion UEM console.

Asset management

Administrators can monitor the PC or laptop’s assets, including memory, disk space and so on.

Device management

Administrators can fully manage the user’s PC or laptop, as they would any other Fusion UEM-managed device.

Kiosk mode

Fusion SecureDesktop works by providing a secured desktop environment, in parallel to the user’s normal Windows desktop.

Enterprise configurations: standard

All elements of the PC or laptop can be configured by the administrator, including the connections to the virtual desktop infrastructure.

Monitoring and analytics

There is a full monitoring and maintenance module allowing managing of the endpoint – with proactive actions if needs arise.

Organisational unit/group management

Desktop PCs and laptops can be arranged as logical groups for easier management.

Patch management

The desktop or laptop operating system is monitored to ensure all the latest updates and patches from Microsoft are present. If required, endpoints can be patched to the latest update levels.

Remote control (optional)

Remote Desktop Protocol control is provided – and can be used if enabled on the remote endpoint by the administrator.


A full device reporting module is provided, with comprehensive endpoint data.


There is no enforced device limit. Each licence of Fusion SecureDesktop includes a Fusion UEM licence for the registered endpoint.

Task management

A full-featured tasks and templates management system is provided as standard.

Flexible working from home solution

Fusion SecureDesktop solves a real problem for many organisations currently implementing a work from home strategy. They want a flexible solution that allows the option of either utilising the users home or work PC. Fusion SecureDesktop is the ideal partner, not only is it easy to install and use, it also provides a secure and manageable ‘thin-kiosk’, locked down VDI experience, keeping personal and work environments totally separate from each other.

A simple user experience

Users simply click on the Fusion SecureDesktop application icon and are launched into a secure environment, where they receive a connection from the Fusion UEM server. When Fusion SecureDesktop is active, the user is sealed off from the host PC entirely and works normally, as if in the office. Once the user logs off, she or he is returned to their computer’s operating system – with no access to corporate data or applications. 

Endpoint management included

Fusion SecureDesktop is built on the power of Fusion UEM, so includes our leading endpoint management toolset. Fusion UEM enables the management and monitoring of remote devices – however, unlike fully managed devices, Fusion UEM’s additional capabilities are only available when Fusion SecureDesktop is running, providing peace of mind for the user.