Fusion ADC

The Fusion ADC (Application Delivery Controller) load balancer delivers a secure data transport mechanism that allows Thin Clients, CloudDesktop endpoints and other devices to communicate with intranet located servers, including thin client management servers in an isolated and secure manner.

Secured Access & Load Balancing

Fusion ADC is built on the Edgenexus engine core, with over 18 years of established use. The Fusion ADC appliances can be placed either in the Cloud, the DMZ or network and is tethered to both thin client and server using certificate based authentication, ensuring that the communication stream is secured to the highest degree.The Fusion ADC virtual appliance can also be used to secure and load balance connections between your thin clients and the management server, be they in the Intranet, cross Internet or MPLS.


Robust, Proven Code base

Fusion ADC has a proven and highly reliable code base. The Edgenexus software technology that underpins the Fusion ADC uses the very latest in security and load balancing technology.

Enterprise Grade Security & Load Balancer

The Fusion ADC is a true, enterprise grade security and load balancing appliance able to securely connect thousands of thin clients to your management servers, and much more.

Highly Versatile

Fusion ADC is provided as an importable virtual appliance intended to run in virtual environments such as VMware ESX, Microsoft Hype-V, Xen and KVM. As such it can be deployed into on-premise data centers or public/private clouds.

Reliable Performance

The Fusion ADC is highly reliable and performance is equally matched. Based on Edgenexus, the code has been proven for many years and used under the most extreme and demanding circumstances.

Advanced Security

The Fusion ADC is equipped with Reverse Proxy with additional security measures to ensure that systems sitting behind Fusion ADC are protected.You can be assured that your backend servers are totally isolated.

Feature Rich

The Fusion ADC delivers a wealth of features together with an extensive web based configuration UI, as well as an advanced API allowing detailed configuration by demanding network administrators.

Renowned Expertise

The core technology that underpins the Fusion ADC has been designed and built by Edgenexus, a UK company with established reputation in sectors including US Defence Dept, banking and finance.

Trusted Worldwide

The Fusion ADC uses Edgenexus established technology and is trusted by organisations throughout the world such as the US Department of Defence and many more.

Sizing and Licensing

Fusion ADC is licensed as a High Availability (HA) pair. The license you need to purchase depends on the methodology of connectivity configuration that you choose to use. There are two methods of connectivity configuration: SSL Pass-through and SSL Offloading/Bridging.

SSL Pass-through

SSL pass-through is the simplest of the two methods and allows you to have a much greater number of devices connected through the appliance. There is no SSL inspection carried out within the Fusion ADC appliance allowing much less appliance resources to be used. In such cases Layer 4 connections are used.

SSL Offloading/Bridging

This method results in all transactions being offloaded and inspected within the appliance, and then sent onto the destination as a seperate SSL transaction. The advantage of using this method is that you can employ many inbuilt features of the Fusion ADC appliance provided by FlightPATH. The disadvantage is that a much larger number of resources are required to perform offloading, bridging, decryption, re-encryption and any other actions you may configure. In this mode, SSL-TPS connections are used. We recommend that for connection of thin clients to the infrastructure you use SSL Pass-through as the method of choice.

For further information about Fusion ADC, please watch our short video explainers (see above) or simply contact us