CloudDesktop On the Go - secure hybrid working

Providing on-demand access to virtualised environments, CloudDesktop On the Go uses a USB key to transform home and work PCs or legacy PCs into CloudDesktop OS-powered thin clients – for on-premises use or as homeworking endpoints for secure access to company apps and data.

CloudDesktop On the Go – adapt quickly and securely to working from home

CloudDesktop On the Go is a flexible and cost-effective CloudDesktop OS thin client on a USB key for homeworking, remote and mobile users. Providing secure access to their VDI environments, CloudDesktop On-The-Go provides the freedom to work while protecting networks and sensitive data. A quick and easy solution to deploy, CloudDesktop On the Go allows organisations of all sizes to quickly scale up deployments, while dramatically reducing PC replacement costs.

CloudDesktop On the Go


Facilitates cost-effective homeworking

CloudDesktop On the Go provides a simple, powerful way to facilitate cost-effective homeworking. Users boot from a USB key, easily access the corporate virtualised environment, but leave the local operating system, applications and data untouched.

Turn home or work PCs into secure endpoints

CloudDesktop On the Go provides secure access to corporate Linux thin-client virtualised environments, from any home or work desktop PC or laptop – regardless of OS.

Quick Boot and no overwriting

With an extremely modest footprint, CloudDesktop On the Go boots up really quickly. The CloudDesktop Linux OS is instantly useable without overwriting the local OS.

Highly Compatible

CloudDesktop On the Go works with the virtualised infrastructure you already have – or are planning to deploy – it will connect to almost any server framework including Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware protocols, Firefox and Google Chrome clients.

Expertly Managed

Fusion DM can provide expert management for your converted CloudDesktop OS thin clients. Incorporates full control over discoverability, reporting, task management, security, 24/7 monitoring and more.

Instant Roaming

With CloudDesktop On the Go, you can easily move from location to location taking your thin client with you. Your desktop and settings travel with you.

Secure and stable

CloudDesktop On the Go has been designed to be secure, using hardened CloudDesktop OS Linux framework, making it perfect for corporate and financial environments.

Extends PC Lifespan

Dramatically extends the life of your legacy PC, creating the perfect stepping stone to thin client computing

Boosts Productivity

Using an embedded and hardened CloudDesktop Linux operating system, CloudDesktop On the Go boosts your user's productivity by focussing users and is also available in a choice of English, French, German and Spanish languages.

Easy and fast Installation

CloudDesktop On the Go can be installed via a bootable USB key, installation is easy and fast, taking just seconds - works with any USB-bootable desktop PC or laptop that meets the minimum of an x86 64-bit processor and 2GB RAM.



The CloudDesktop On the Go license is included with the USB key. The contents of the USB key are linked to the drive.

Support and Maintenance

For the first year, access to our world-class maintenance and support is included – and is optional thereafter.

Perpetual Licence

All CloudDesktop On the Go licences are perpetual. There are no repeat licensing costs. You pay once with lifetime ownership.

Real ROI

CloudDesktop On the Go dramatically extends the life of legacy PCs – saving you money and also ensuring value from your PC estate.

Regional and volume pricing

Regional and volume pricing available. Contact us for more information.