Here to help you, or your customers, with your virtual desktop infrastructure

Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure is a significant change for many organisations. Whether you’re looking to do this for yourself, or you’re a reseller looking to help a customer, we’re here to support you.

Any fundamental shift in an organisation’s infrastructure needs consideration, evaluation, information and support. As a leading provider of VDI solutions, we’re used to working with organisations, helping them find the solutions which are right for them.

For resellers talking to clients, we can provide excellent presales support, helping resellers by filling the gaps in their knowledge or experience and working with them in partnership.

We can provide the essential advice needed to help an organisation assess VDI products and work out how these would best fit within their organisation. We can work with IT teams, to understand their needs and concerns – providing information and help as needed, so they have someone to call on and don’t have to wade through lots of documentation or spend time surfing the Web for answers.

We can even provide briefings to management teams, so they can better understand the benefits of a VDI, presenting these in an objective, independent way.

And when it comes to making the change, our support professionals are ready to help – ensuring a smooth roll-out and giving IT teams the knowledge and skills needed for ongoing VDI management.

Get in touch to find out how your organisation can benefit from a virtual desktop infrastructure.