Fusion UEM – unified endpoint management

VXL Software’s unified endpoint management solution, Fusion UEM, provides powerful management software for both mobile, including BYOD, and static devices, including desktop and laptop pcs, at a far more affordable price.

Fusion UEM unified endpoint management – the new benchmark for simplicity and value

Fusion UEM brings the industry-leading device management portfolio of applications – to Android, Windows 10 Mobile and iOS mobile devices, Windows desktop and laptop pcs and Windows Embedded thin clients. Using Fusion UEM, organisations can manage devices, regardless of location. Better still, Fusion UEM is extremely competitively priced against comparable products.


Endpoint management

Easily manage devices right across the enterprise, regardless of location – free your users and secure their devices.

Device enrolment

Add new devices quickly and easily – whether it’s one device, a hundred, or more. Fusion UEM makes device rollouts quick and easy.

Device provisioning

Provision both iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android mobile devices (including legacy) and static Windows / Windows Embededded desktop, laptop and thin client devices rapidly.

Inventory and asset management

Asset management ceases to be a chore with Fusion UEM – see all of your devices, in real time, and generate comprehensive reports.

Application management

Manage applications easily – including remote deployment, provisioning and installation, updates and secure removal.

Security management

Keep devices, corporate applications and data secure, in real time – for all devices, regardless of location.

Real-time data

View device data in real time – Fusion EMM delivers the information IT teams need to make informed decisions and respond rapidly to change.

Browser-based administration

Built for today, Fusion UEM’s hosted browser-based software is quick and intuitive to use. Everything is just a click or two away.


Fusion UEM provides access to secure applications and data when on company networks or VPNs – and allows access to just personal applications and data when on public networks.

E-mail management (Platinum)

Manage e-mail settings, policies, clients and data on mobile devices as easily as you would with desktop clients.

Browsing management (Platinum)

Manage device browsers easily – implement secure policies which restrict access to corporate intranets and defined websites.

Content management (Platinum)

Control corporate content, using flexible admin rules – define who can access documents and editing rights. Audit trails log file access and update information.

Adv. Enterprise configurations (Platinum)

Advanced enterprise configurations enable large organisations to control devices with greater power, flexibility and granularity.

GPS Tracking (Platinum)

Provides live location status of mobile device including street map view and tracking history by day, week or month.

Geofencing (Platinum)

Limit the use of a device to a specific geographic area including a 1 mile radius to the office, school etc.

Phone Blocking

Block communications including what numbers a device can call or receive calls from.

Sensible pricing, powerful features

Fusion UEM comes in two versions – each of which delivers more features than comparable products at a far lower price-point. Our no-nonsense perpetual licences provide organisations with greater financial control.

Fusion UEM Gold

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Agentless & standard discovery
  • Application management
  • Asset management
  • Browser-based adminstration
  • Compliance management
  • Device enrolement (OTA & bulk)
  • Device inventory/asset management
  • Device mangement: static/mobile devices
  • Device provisioning (coporate liable/BYOD)
  • Enterprise configurations: standard
  • Organisational unit/group management
  • Patch management
  • Power mangement
  • Reporting
  • Scalability: no imposed device limit
  • Security management
  • Task management
  • User provisioning

Perpetual licence per device
Affordable annual support cost

Fusion UEM Platinum

All of the features of Fusion EMM Gold, plus:

  • Browsing management
  • Content management
  • Email management
  • Enterprise configurations: advanced
  • Geo-fencing/Geo-tracking
  • Monitoring & analytics
  • Remote Control (optional cost)
  • Single Use/Kiosk mode security

Perpetual licence per device
Affordable annual support cost

Unified endpoint management that’s powerful, easy and affordable

Rise to the challenge of endpoint management, using Fusion UEM for both mobile (iOS, Windows 10 Mobile and Android) and static (Windows & Windows Embedded desktops / laptops) devices. Fusion UEM also embraces corporate-liable devices, BYOD (bring your own device) policies and even single-use case scenarios with ease. Balancing simplicity and power, Fusion UEM delivers a new level of affordability to the enterprise endpoint management market. 

Android enterprise architecture

VXL Software’s Fusion UEM is designed from the ground up around the Android enterprise architecture – enabling organisations to deploy, manage and control Android devices with both ease and simplicity, embracing and supporting Android’s standards and industry best practice. 

Android enterprise integration

Fusion UEM supports Google domain accounts and managed Play accounts; user and device provisioning; policy controls (including configuration security, compliance and restrictions); work profile management; Google Play, Play store management; application permissions and restrictions; application management and distribution – and private app management.

Manage your organisation, your way

Fusion UEM enables you to manage devices in a way which best suits your organisation, with hierarchical support for organisational units and groups – making the management of multiple devices as easy as it is for one. Fusion UEM also provides tiered administration, giving IT departments, managers and other stakeholders access to the information they need and the level of device control that’s relevant to their role. 

Browser-based hosted software-as-a-service or on-site installation

The mobile device market moves quickly in every respect – new devices, operating systems versions/updates, applications and (of course) security risks. Organisations have enough to think about responding to these, let alone updating the software needed to manage mobile devices. Fusion UEM is browser-based – so we take care of the updates, keeping software in line with changing needs. Automatic load-balancing and fault-tolerance across multiple locations means that Fusion UEM is responsive, wherever you are. Fusion UEM can be provided as a hosted service, or can be installed on your own network.

Comprehensive Android support (including legacy devices)

Fusion UEM supports Android v4.x (Ice cream, Jellybean, Kit-kat), Android 5.x (Lollipop v5.1.1), 6.x (Marshmallow) and 7.x (Nougat) mobile phones and tablets – regardless of brand/manufacturer.

Comprehensive Apple iOS support

Fusion UEM supports iOS version 5.0 onwards on all iPhones and iPads, including the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Comprehensive Windows, Windows Embedded & Gio Linux support

Fusion UEM supports Windows 7, 8, 10 IoT for PC desktop & laptops. Windows Embedded 7, Windows 10 IoT and VXL's Gio Linux for thin clients.